To begin the process, the SEADEX team will sit down with your in-house purchasing team to better understand your goals and sourcing criteria. From species and sizes, to certifications that match the company and customers expectations, SEADEX will work with you to find the best match within their network of SSI program certified shrimp providers. Once a match is found, meaning a shrimp that meets your specific spec, SEADEX staff will set the shipment in motion. This means full transparency for the buyers so that they know who is providing the shrimp, and where it is at all times from the producer to your door.

How the Sustainable Shrimp Initiative Works

Ordering & Inventory

Once the shrimp qualities and criteria are identified for the SSI program, the SEADEX team works through their global network of shrimp producers to find the right product match. The SEADEX team then becomes the direct importer of the shrimp for the retailer or foodservice company.

SEADEX is able to provide a vendor management inventory system (VMI)  to help smaller retailers or foodservice operations with their shrimp inventory and the SSI program. Mixed containers available for qualifying orders.