Affordable programs exist through the Sustainable Shrimp Initiative program.  SEADEX's Sustainable Shrimp Initiative program matches the level of certification of shrimp sources with a price point that will work for all areas of retail. With a wide selection of farms and partners, a customized program can be built for your retail or foodservice needs. 

The SEADEX team has decades of shrimp buying experience and is prepared to find a program that is the right fit for both affordability as well as certification criteria. If your operation is interested in starting a shrimp program, SEADEX helps buyers find the right shrimp with the right criteria at the right price.

Affordable & Customized


Because retailers, foodservice and hospitality companies can’t afford even one bad purchasing decision, the SSI program is committed to sourcing certified shrimp exclusively. This means that buyers have an active partner in finding direct sources of the most responsibly produced shrimp available.


The SEADEX team makes sure buyers are getting what they want, and what they have paid for. For the SSI, we source only shrimp products that can be marketed to customers as qualifying for stringent third-party certification under globally recognized programs. These standards are strictly adhered to, and the validity of the certification is reconfirmed by SEADEX.  SEADEX also verifies the processing, logistics, chain of custody, and inspects the products before shipping so that retailers and foodservice companies can reassure their customers that they truly have direct access to the most environmentally responsible and highest quality product available for the SSI program. 


Importance of Sourcing Reliable Shrimp