Why should a buyer source shrimp through the SSI instead of trying to do it themselves?

Simply put, finding a shrimp producer who meets international certification and quality standards, as well as specific ordering specs, is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. SEADEXhas been working in the shrimp business for decades and have directly visited more farms than they can count. Therefore, companies who source shrimp through the SSI directly benefit from these years of experience and access to this growing network of responsible shrimp producers.


Will the SEADEX and the SSI have the right specs for my market?

All customers are not the same, and your shrimp offerings shouldn’t be either. Each marketplace and buyer is looking for a specific set of product attributes: the right size and species, at the right price, in either cooked or raw formats. By sourcing shrimp through the SSI, buyers gain access to shrimp producers who can fulfill their particular order spec. Each shipment can be customized with the product mix that best suits your local market. In some cases, it might be better for a buyer to slightly alter their default spec to fit current production. Or in other cases, a producer may change their production to better fit the buyer's expectations. SEADEX helps buyers find the right shrimp with the right certification at the right price.


What forms are shrimp sourced for the SSI available in?

SEADEX can source all types of shrimp for retailers in addition to the SSI program.

Generally speaking, shrimp for the SSI is available in the following formats:

o   Peeled & Deveined, Tail-On

o   Peeled & Deveined, Tail-Off

o   Easy Peel

o   Cooked, Tail-On

o   Cooked, Tail-Off


What countries does SEADEX source SSI program shrimp from?

Good shrimp is happening around the world, and we’re partnered with the best in the business. SSI shrimp producers operate in the following countries:

o   Thailand

o   Vietnam

o   Ecuador

o   Indonesia

o   Bangladesh

o   Costa Rica

o   Peru

o   Belize

o   Nicaragua

o   Honduras


How do I know the shrimp I’m buying is sustainable?

The SSI is a transparent pipeline that fosters a direct connection between the shrimp producer and the retailer or foodservice company. The SEADEX team circles the globe finding producers who meet established certification criteria. These standards are strictly adhered to, and the validity of the certification is reconfirmed by SSI. SEADEX also verifies the processing, logistics, chain of custody, and inspects the products before shipping so that retailers and foodservice companies can reassure their customers that they truly have direct access to the most environmentally responsible and highest quality product available. The SEADEX becomes the importer of record, and all certification and supply chain documentation is shared with the buyer.


If I find a shrimp that works for me, can I get it again?

Though the SSI program, buyers can rest assured that once a shrimp is found and successfully adopted by the local market, they can continue sourcing that spec from that same producer. It’s easy — when your customers like a product, they can buy it from you again and again.


What are the SSI procurement program benefits?

Focused mainly on farmed, frozen shrimp, the SSI program is dedicated to creating an efficient one-stop sustainable shrimp supply partnerships. All shrimp within the SSI international network come to market with branded, public facing certification markings to communicate the commitment to environmental and social issues. By working within SEADEX's SSI program, retailers as well as chefs can reliably market shrimp products with a range of species, formats and sizes from certified producers.


How do I get credit with my customers for good sourcing?

SSI partners are allowed to use the official certification logos on marketing materials, in-house materials, and websites when promoting shrimp from the SSI. Shrimp quality and a commitment to good sourcing can be leveraged by the retailer or foodservice operator from Day One with logos and a strong sourcing statement. This creates a defensible marketing partnership from the day the shrimp arrives at your warehouse.


Can you find me shrimp that satisfies my corporate sourcing mandates?

Yes. Pulling from sources with a range of international certifications such as BAP or Naturland organic standards, and Green or Yellow ratings by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guide, SSI sourced shrimp will allow buyers to comply with mandated sourcing benchmarks as set forth by corporate social responsibility guidelines — and produce the paperwork to prove it.


What are the benefits of the SSI for Retail Markets?

Retail markets are under increasing pressures from customers who expect products from the most sustainable and responsible sources. Shrimp sourced within the SSI are all certified by well-regarded and defensible international agencies such as BAP or Naturland organic standards, and are rated as Green or Yellow by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guide.

Because the shrimp sourced by SEADEX for the SSI is certified, retailers have a built-in marketing support system with every package of shrimp. Shrimp products in either a ‘grab and go’ setting, or served by counter staff, will all be easily distinguishable from commodity products. Partnering with SEADEX for the SSI program allows retailers to defend their shrimp program from Day One, and consistently offer their customers what they want.


What are the benefits of the SSI for Foodservice Providers?

Customers expect reliable, responsible and great tasting food from their foodservice providers. The expectations are high, and chefs need to demonstrate their commitment to environmental and social issues while ensuring shrimp dishes that consistently taste great. Sourcing shrimp within the SSI network means that companies can reliably serve shrimp that meets or exceeds international standards, as well as locking in a flavor profile by sourcing from the same producer with each subsequent order.

By using shrimp from the SSI program, foodservice companies can leverage turnkey marketing assets, like certification logos and Seafood Watch ratings, at service points, in kitchens, catering or banquet sales, as well as on the web. These assets can be used from the first day the shrimp arrives.


Can the SSI and SEADEX team help me manage the inventory?

Retailers and foodservice operators should not be hindered from starting a sustainable shrimp program because of size, cost or inventory management challenges. To help with inventory management, the SSI may be able to implement a Vendor Managed Inventory system, or VMI. Even mixed containers are possible.