SEADEX is a USA-based seafood sourcing company dedicated to finding the right seafood for retail and foodservice providers. From certification and needs assessments to the right price point that will build a long-term program, SEADEX is a reliable partner in seafood.


How SEADEX works with seafood buyers: 


Step 1 — Making the Match

The SEADEX team works with buyers to establish customized shrimp criteria for species, size and format, required certifications and country of origin. In some cases, to find the best certification and supply volume fit, there may be advantages for a store or company to modify a pre-existing spec. Once the shrimp spec is set, the SEADEX team will source and buy the product.

Real World Example The frozen category buyer for a 5-unit retail chain is looking for a new shrimp supply. Given the recent press coverage about the labor and environmental problems plaguing the shrimp industry, the executive and buying teams have decided to source shrimp from sources that have obtained verifiable sustainability standards. This will help the retail chain show their customers that the company is committed to responsible sourcing and actively addresses the concerns of their clients. To find a reliable source of shrimp that meets both the spec for species, format and size of the shrimp, as well as the certification requirements, the frozen buyer will work with the Sustainable Shrimp Initiative team to find shrimp from a farm that matches all their requirements. The frozen category buyer and the SSI representative together finalize details of the shrimp order for shrimp in multiple formats, raw and cooked, as well as from specific species and specific countries of origin.

Step 2 — Making the Buy

SEADEX becomes the importer of record and transmit information to the shrimp buyers including certifications, farm and farmer specifics, and shipment status.

Real World Example With the 5-unit retail chain and the SEADEX team coordinating the shrimp order, the PO is issued, and the farm gears up to export the shrimp. Because the SSI team is in constant contact with the farm and the processor, the retailer has complete transparency on this shrimp order. This transparency is key in building a long-term relationship between the farm, the retailer and the SEADEX team. Because the SEADEX team is the importer of record for the shrimp, the retail team knows that they have a true partner that will take care of the order details and any problems that might arise. Because they know for a fact what shrimp they will have in store, they can get to work on how to sell it. The retail buyer and marketing executives can work on a plan for rolling out the products in their stores, in the weekly circulars, and on their website.

Step 3 — Stock Managed to Your Advantage

The SEADEX team can work with buyers to create a bespoke Vendor Managed Inventory program. With this program in place, the retailer can draw down the inventory as needed. This means that SEADEX and the retailer can work together for better cash flow and shrimp inventory management.

Real World Example The 5-unit retail chain decided to take advantage of a Vendor Managed Inventory system created with the SEADEX. Warehouse and cash flow issues are alleviated by the retailer being able to pull and pay for inventory as it is consumed. Instead, the retailer can concentrate on rolling out the new certified sustainable shrimp program (SSI) to their customers.

Step 4 — Get What You Want, All Over Again

Once you’ve made a good purchase, the ideal is to be able to do the exact same thing again — and with SEADEX you can. When retailers or foodservice buyers want to source more shrimp like what they just purchased, the SEADEX team will initiate a new shipment from the same source, meeting the specs and expectations for the buyers and their customers.

Real World Example After a successful rollout of the certified shrimp at the 5-unit retail chain, the frozen buyer can reliably order subsequent shipments from the same supply source. All of the chain’s efforts to promote the certification and origin of the shrimp so far are not wasted. Instead of having to start from the beginning with all the uncertainty of a new product, they are able to build on their success. Loyal customers will be rewarded by being able to purchase the same great tasting shrimp each time they visit the store.

Never before has there been a shrimp sourcing team that has provided this level of guarantee