Seadex is the managing partner for the Sustainable Shrimp Initiative. 

The Sustainable Shrimp Initiative (SSI) is the shrimp sourcing and trading program originally created by Seadex LLC and sources a range of certified sustainable shrimp products from around the world. The vision of this program has brought large partners onboard.

All SSI shrimp sources are certified by one or more globally recognized standard (from European organic certifications to Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch) and carry distinguishing logos that set them apart from unverified, commodity shrimp.

We match the best shrimp available with individual retail and foodservice buyers’ exacting specs for a dependable system of consistently delivered shrimp from the same verified sources.

With the SSI, buyers can get their shrimp orders right, shipment after shipment, and assure their customers that they are serving the very best tasting and certified shrimp available — every time.